Common FAQs

No, we allow our users to track portfolios from various exchanges. We do not (at this time) offer automated trading.
You can use our service by only giving "read only" access to your exchange accounts at this time. We will not be able to trade or transfer funds and your assets will be safe.

Account FAQs

Due to the nature of digital currency, we can't setup an auto-charge system. 5 days before your current subscription ends, we'll send you an email reminder, then the day prior.
You will be reverted to a free plan, the first exchange asset (primary asset) you added will become the only active asset in your account. You'll have 5 days to pay your invoice and restore the non-primary assets. After 5 days the non-primary assets will be deleted and you'll need to pay the then current rate to reactivate your plan, you'll then be able to add additional assets.
We work on a pre-pay model, where our users prepay for service. Once the service period expires additional time must be purchased for the paid plans.
Yes, we offer free and personal plans at this time, with a Professional plan coming soon.

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P: (505) 854-4960

Osmodo has been built to meet a simple need of tracking altcoin portfolios, along with key markers that identify strategy changes throughout the portolio life cycle. We will always offer a free account and premium membership is coming as we flesh out some really awesome upgrades!

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